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Add me. :]

Oh What a Night

Just got home. Changed out of my [cute!] outfit afterschool and headed to the track. It was covered with snow. So I was like, no how am I gonna walk? So I picked up my purse, books, and bag with a change of clothes and walked from the school all the way to the Atkinson Fire Department. Up all those stupid hills. I am so proud of me. :]
I'm going to take a nap in about two seconds and then going to Thai to celebrate winning the HOBY Leadership Award. Then we're going to the Comedy Show at 7:30. PLUG: GOOOOOO!!!!! It's at the PAC. Billy's coming back to perform and Joey Carroll will be there.
Then I'm coming home and getting sleeeepppp. And hopefully a humidifier. And tomorrow I'm hanging out with Deanna and we're going to New Horizons, which is a soup kitchen in Manchester. Then we're going over Evan's house. :D
Sunday is going to be just busy, busy, busy. It starts off with a YMC meeting at 7:30, goes on to other things and the Holiday Show (PLUG) at 4, and then homework. Ew.
I have a feeling my mom's going to bitch about having to drive me around this weekend. All weekend. Oh well, license in less than a year! :DDD

Make your days delightful. <3

Happy Days

I just can't seem to shake that mood. You know, the happy bouncy jumpy one? It's a crazy good feeling.
I got like zippo sleep this week, so I'm sooooo tired but I have ALL this energy! Hahah.
GSA was fun today. We talked about life and made jokes. I'm excited to be hanging out with Evan and Deanna Saturday!!!
Not much to write about and I'm superbly busy at the moment with homework, chores, and catch up to play.

Love. <3

Soul, Rhythm, and Blues

Today was a jazzy day. I slept in late (12 hours total!) then called Evan. He officially said he liked me. :D
I'm really excited.
Oh, so Ella Fitz is definitely my hero. I mean, I don't know if you know who she is but she is and was the most FANTASTIC jazz singer on the face of this planet. She sang at the Moulin Rouge more than Edith Piaf and Edith was French! If you haven't heard her you need to hear this scat:
I love Ella. I aspire to be as good as she is someday. I don't think the chances of that are as spectacular as my day was, but one can still dream?

Keep singing and doing what you love. <3

Seasons of Love

So it seems like I got mine just in time. Seems like everyone else has gotten their special someone lately and I think I found mine! Evan and I hung out yesterday. It was super cute. He brought his dog over and his and mine were playing around. And we watched a movie and snuggled up on my couch. I swear, it was the cutest thing. And he met my parents and they gave him the temporary stamp of approval but only because they've been wrong about guys before. :D
I'm really excited! He's so nice and he's super adorable. I'm supposed to go to his house next weekend which is taking me out of my comfort zone but I'm excited. :D
Semi was fun. I took tickets, told everyone they looked amazing, and told them all to have fun. I took coats for a little while after that. I served a few drinks, grabbed myself a brownie, picked up some trash, and hit the dance floor. I danced with a few of my friends. I awkwardly slow danced with my friend Dan. It was really weird and his friends like, forced us to even though I probably should've been working.
Clean up was fun too. I was just having a ball all night singing to people and picking them out to have them sing with me. They loved it. I love when I make people smile and laugh. I think that's a purpose in my life.
Mr. Leary's really excited I'm running for student representative on the school board. He's been telling everyone and introducing me. And Mrs. Trisdale said she was very impressed with my HOBY application, since she's on the committee. I'm really excited that my teachers like me, I think that's cool.
I've been super happy lately. Normally winter makes me sluggish, hungry, and bored but this winter's been pretty brilliant so far. I hope it keeps up.

Peace on Earth. <3

Heartbreaker-- I'm Addicted to You

I'm kind of nauseous. That's probably from eating like, zippo food today. I'm really nervous. I feel kind of stupid thinking about going out with somebody knowing that it's not gonna last very long. All this worry, just to get my heart broken again? Seems like a silly idea.
He hasn't called me yet. He was supposed to call half an hour ago. asdklfkskldhgkvklwrioa. That's my worry, trying to get out right thurr. :] Didn't work out so hot, did it? :D
Oh well. I'mma be myself and not pretend like I'm something super special that I'm not. That way I'll know for sure if he likes me.

Luck! <3

Party Like a Rockstar

So tonight was Jarret's party. Whoop dee doo. His mom sent the invitations and it was a "surprise" but he knew about the whole thing. Funny thing is, he wrote my name down. And he hugged me when he left. Super weird.
The party was a bust for me. I mean, all the popular kids who'd rather be at a keg party were there. Sure, I could've tried harder to fit in but really, none of the people there actually KNOW me. I wouldn't sing in front of them and that's like, the ultimate. I basically ended up talking to Jarret's older sister Corey and on the phone with Evan. I almost left to go hang out with him but whatevs.
I'm not sure what to do about tomorrow. I thought we were going to the movies but he wants to like, hang out at his house. I kind of feel awkward about that because I don't know him too well and we've never hung out before and I don't know if his parents will be home and ugh. He just seems like this great guy online and on the phone but can he own up to it in realy life? He was like, we could use my hot tub. Alrighttt... then what? Watch a movie? I don't know where the hell this kid lives. I guess his friend is coming over? He said to bring one of my friends but no one's available! I don't want to fuck up plans but I can't bring a friend and I'm not sure I want to go to his house. I'm so confused. :[ I've never been on a REAL date. I'm sad. I want this to work out. What to do?
I might be honest for once and just tell him all this. Plan? I'll try it.

Night folks. <3

I Will Try to Fix You

I am so privileged to be in Select, because that's what it is, a privilege. And I'm so fed up with the people who act like it's a God-given right! I worked my butt off last year to be good enough to make. I was even sick during my tryouts. And now I'm working my butt off even harder to prove I'm worthy of being in such a group. Our concert's less than 2 weeks away. I've memorized all my music except for 1 or 2 parts we didn't go over. That's IT.
I even took the initiative to bring home Magnum every day to practice with it and sightread. Whenever I get frustrated by people saying, "I don't know this!" I just try to remind myself that I only know it because I practiced it at home. No one else has spent as much time with it. I also have a weirdly incredible memory that I use to memorize music after hearing it once or twice with words. And language classes and diction have helped me with prounouncing words in foreign languages. So I guess I have heads up in this. But it just gets so OLD. You know those times when you try SO HARD to be good and no one else is putting in the effort? That's how I feel. I WANT Schindler's List to be amazing. I WANT Jersey Boys to sound kickin'. I WANT Magnum to sound mysteriously beautiful. I want it all to work, but I don't feel I've been given a lot to work with.
Maybe it'll take my mind off it if I join Concert Choir and Select next year, so I have more music to memorize and less time to focus on other peoples' lack of memorization.
Well, The Boy asked me to the movies tonight. Unfortunately, I can't go since I'm going to my friend's 16th birthday party. But hopefully tomorrow! :DDDD
A+G= YAY! I'm so excited for them! YAHOO!

Love those around you and focus on that love. <3

Hey There Sunshine, and How was Your Day?

Lately, I've been like wicked, super, freaky happy. Always in that winky-laugh-at-yourself-smiling mood. And it's crazy great but crazy awkward.
Two of my friends are going out now and two of my other friends are about to find their guys. :D It's so exciting! I mean, seriously! I was all, "SEASONS OF LOVEEEEEEEE." It's amazing. I'm awed.
I think I might write a poem about it, I could use a few more happy poems. The only bad thing about today was Amber being a (obscenity censored) and told the bus driver to stop at the end of the road, causing me to walk half a mile home in my uncomfortable flats. Glad that's over.
Off to get some food to munch on and write my inspirational poems about seasons of love and change.


Most Embarrasing Moment

Boy do I love writing in my LJ. :D
Well, I'm not one to be easily embarassed (seriously) but this one would make ANY girl turn five different shades of red:
It was summer. Beautiful, sunny. A day when you don't really wanna wear clothes. Well, I was wearing my underwear and a light sweater (so my wet hair wouldn't soak my shirt.) The doorbell rings and I figure, 'UPS guy must be dropping something off. I'll just grab it while he's pulling out.' So I run upstairs and throw open the door... to find my ex-boyfriend (who I was still on good terms with.) So I was home alone, unbeknownst to anyone that he was coming over to paint the fence today. So I'm standing there in my underwear like, "Hey! Um... come in, I'll, uh, I'll be right back, ok?" As I race downstairs to pull on a pair of shorts. I walked back upstairs, trying to keep my cool, and he's like, grinning and was like, "What's wrong?" And I was like, "You know. The usual. Forgot to put on pants." We had a good laugh. :D